Skillet Corn

This Tuesday, September 23, is the Autumnal Equinox or Mabon, the mid-harvest festival. The last of the crops are coming in and Mabon heralds the last of the summer warmth as it slowly starts to give way to the chill of fall.
In honor of the blessed harvest and the coming days of autumn, here is a corn dish that will make you happy.
Skillet Corn

1 tablespoon bacon grease, preferably uncured
4 ears fresh organic corn, kernels removed and cobs scraped and “milked”
1/4 cup organic heavy cream
Freshly ground black pepper
In a heavy skillet, melt the bacon grease over medium heat (you could, of course, use butter … but that would make Grillmaster D lose her North Carolinian mind). When the grease is melted and hot, add the corn kernels and any milk to the skillet; sauté over medium heat for about five minutes.
Add the heavy cream and stir; simmer the mixture for another five minutes and add salt and pepper to taste. When served with fresh sliced tomatoes, visions of nirvana may occur.

~ Tiffany

2 thoughts on “Skillet Corn

  1. Mom used to make something like this, no cream, with chopped red and green bell peppers. Sometimes a little butter and water, depending on the corn. It's based on a Native American recipe from her family. And really tasty !


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